1. Initial steps in the educational journey:-

A child's first school 'family' acts as a stepping stone in their educational journey.

2.Holistic approach:-

The bonds formed within a child's first school 'family' extend beyond the walls of the classroom. This includes teachers, fellow students and even school staff.

3.Help in emotional development:-

Family not only supports the emotional well-being of the child but also enhances their overall learning experience.

4. Development of life skills and values:-

Parents play an important role in the 'family'. Their guidance and support goes beyond academics to include the development of essential life skills and values. 

5.Positive Association:

Fill iThe 'family' promotes smooth adjustment to the nurturing environment, making the child feel safe and comfortable in his or her new environment.

6. Educational partnership and supportive environment:-

When parents actively participate in the 'family', it strengthens the educational partnership.

7.Important contribution in social development:-

Friendships formed within a child's first school 'family' make an important contribution to their social development. 

8. Values established by the family:-

As children progress in their educational journey. The values established within the 'family' then continue to influence their choices and actions. .