A.Positive Impact of social media on education:

1.Enhanced Communication and Collaboration:

Social media platforms have redefined the way students and teachers communicate.

2. Information dissemination:

Social media serves as a powerful tool to disseminate information quickly and efficiently.

3.Participation and Motivation:

Integrating social media into education can increase student engagement and motivation.

4.Global Learning Opportunities:

Social media opens up a world of learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

B.Challenges posed by social media in education:

1.Distractions and Time Management:

Although social media can be a valuable educational tool it also poses the risk of distraction.

2.Privacy Concerns:

Sharing personal information on social media raises privacy concerns, especially in an educational context.

3. Information overload and misinformation:

The sheer amount of information available on social media can cause information overload for students.

Social media can become a breeding ground for cyberbullying and online harassment, creating a hostile environment for students.